• CoreNLP-it – A collection of CoreNLP add-on modules and models for processing Italian texts.
  • Word Spaces – Graph visualization of Italian and English linear distributional semantic spaces
  • Semant-It – Graph visualization of distributional semantic spaces built from the Italian CoLFIS Corpus
  • ItEM– The Italian Emotive Lexicon (resource and code) and a graph visualization of the lexicon built from the Italian FB-NEWS15┬áCorpus
  • LexIt – On line interface to the resource on Italian argument structure developed at the CoLing Lab
  • Memorie di Guerra (War Memories) – Computational analysis of Italian war bulletins of WWI and WWII
  • A Distributional Model of Verb-Specific Semantic Roles Inferences [Supplementary Material]
  • PARAD-it – Paradigmatic semantic relations for Italian nouns, verbs, and adjectives, elicited with crowdsourcing