CogALex-V Shared Task: ROOT18


In this paper, we describe ROOT 18, a classifier using the scores of several unsupervised distributional measures as features to discriminate between semantically related and unrelated words, and then to classify the related pairs according to their semantic relation (i.e. synonymy, antonymy, hypernymy, part-whole meronymy). Our classifier participated in the CogALex-V Shared Task, showing a solid performance on the first subtask, but a poor performance on the second subtask. The low scores reported on the second subtask suggest that distributional measures are not sufficient to discriminate between multiple semantic relations at once.

In *Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon *
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Giulia Rambelli
Giulia Rambelli
PhD student in Computational Linguistics

In my research, I investigate the mechanisms underlying natural language comprehension, bringing together Construction Grammars, Distributional Semantics and psycholinguistic findings.