UDLex: Towards Cross-language Subcategorization Lexicons


This paper introduces UDLex, a computational framework for the automatic extraction of argument structures for several languages. By exploiting the versatility of the Universal Dependency annotation scheme, our system acquires subcategorization frames directly from a dependency parsed corpus, regardless of the input language. It thus uses a universal set of language-independent rules to detect verb dependencies in a sentence. In this paper we describe how the system has been developed by adapting the LexIt (Lenci et al., 2012) framework, originally designed to describe argument structures of Italian predicates. Practical issues that arose when building argument structure representations for typologically different languages will also be discussed."

In Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Dependency Linguisticss
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Giulia Rambelli
Giulia Rambelli
PhD student in Computational Linguistics

In my research, I investigate the mechanisms underlying natural language comprehension, bringing together Construction Grammars, Distributional Semantics and psycholinguistic findings.