Ludovica Cerini

I’m a PhD student at the Department of Philology, Literature, and Linguistics of the University of Pisa and a member of the CoLing Lab. 

My research is focused on the Analysis of Conceptual Metaphors through Identification and Detection Computational Models. The project aims to investigate how conceptual metaphors are formed and standardized in language. Moreover, the goal is to understand which are the cognitive mechanisms that enable their recognition and motivate their use by humans and machines. 



I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages, Literatures and intercultural communication at the University of Lecce in 2013 and my Master’s Degree in Specialized Translation at the University of Bari in 2016. My master thesis focused on the study of the efficiency of illustrated words in multimodal visual dictionaries addressed to specialized translators.
Since 2017, I have been working as Seo Specialist and Communication&Marketing Manager in a Web Agencies based in Pisa.







+39 3387046809